Pammel Grocery Pammel Deli
Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday 11AM - 7PM 11AM - 3PM
Wednesday 11AM - 7PM 11AM - 3PM
Thursday 11AM - 7PM 11AM - 3PM
Friday 11AM - 7PM 11AM - 3PM
Saturday 11AM - 7PM 11AM - 3PM
Sunday 11AM - 7PM Closed

Pammel grocery first opened its doors in 1987, and since then has flourished into a full scale grocery store and restaurant. Pammel Grocery is the first grocery store of its kind in the Ames area serving the Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Middle Eastern, African, Eastern European, South & Central American communities, and many more. Pammel Deli has the finest quality foods, served in the most pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The meat served in our restaurant is locally grown.

Pammel Grocery specializes in Pakistani, Indian and Middle Eastern groceries. We stock many grocery items including Halal Meats, Basmati Rice, Chutneys, Atta, Dals, Flours, Nuts, Cooking Oils, Ghee, Pickles, Tea, Masalas, Mango Ice Cream, Frozen Indian dishes & sweets, selective fresh vegetables and many more. Our aim is to provide you with a clean, spacious and organized shopping experience.


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